Zong Whatsapp Package 2020 Best Offer

Zong Whatsapp Package 2020

Zong Whatsapp Package 2020 Best Offer

If you want to now zong whatsapp packages 2020 then this is the best site for you to provide all type of zong whatsapppackages for you in 2020.

Keep reading this article till end because in this article i will tell you some cheapest zong whatsapp package 2020 which can be subscribe easily and in a very low rate. If you are interested in zong whatsapp packages then read this article completely and also share with your friend.

Introduction About Zong 4G

Before getting started we should talk about Zong 4G. You know that Zong 4G is a Pakistani telecommunication network which is providing its best services in pakistan. This is a Chinese company and it is providing it services in Pakistan.

So this is the best company ever and its packages are also very cheapest packages which can be easily subscribe in a very low rate. So if you want to know zong whatsapp packages then i have given the whole detail about Zong whatsapp packages. Here on this website which can also be read and you can also subscribe these packages easily in just one click.

Zong Monthly Whatsapp Offer 2020

Now i will tell you the cheapest zong package which can be subscribe in very low rate. So this is basically whatsapp offer and you will enjoy 4gb for whole month. Yes. This is the best offer and give you 4gb in just 50 Rupees.

Guys, if you want to subscribe zong whatsapp package, then you can dial *247# to activate this offer easily. After activating this offer you will receive a message confirming that you have successfully subscribed zong 4gb data offer for whatsapp for whole 30 days.

Short Introduction About Whatsapp

Before i tell you more zong whatsapp package, we should talk about whatsapp. Whatsapp is one of the best application which help you to communicate with friends and family. You can also video call to your friends.

You can also make voice calls and you can send text documents, etc to anyone in just few seconds seconds. Because Zong 4G have very fast speed in Pakistan and this is one of the best network. So if you want to use whatsapp then this is also providing the best whatsapp offers to you, which you can subscribe easily.

Zong Social Pack Offer 2020

Now we will talk about Zong social pack. Social pack is one of the best offer for one day. This is a one day offer which can be subscribe in very cheap rate. This is the best offer which give you 100 mb for whatsapp and also for twitter and you can also use facebook. The validity of this offer is for one day. You can use whatsapp,facebook and twitter for one day. So if you want to subscribe this offer just dial *6464# to subscribe this offer and you can also and subscribe this offer by dailing *6464#.

Zong Monthly Whatsapp Package 2020

Now we will talk about zong weekly whatsapp package and also zong monthly whatsapp package. So this is the best offer which cost you Rs.50 Rupees and give you 30 mb for whatsapp and 500 sms for 30 days. You can also activate this offer. Bye dailing *6464#. This is Also called zong monthly whatsapp package which cost you 25 rupees and give you 4 gb whatsapp for 30 days.

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